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Damian Wayne Robin - Make Them Proud by Jedd-the-Jedi
Damian Wayne Robin - Make Them Proud
The Damian Wayne Robin figure that Mattel is supposed to be coming out with has been widely mocked for its pretty ridiculous musculature, so I thought I'd do a version using the "5 inch scale figure as a 6 inch scale kid" trick. Took a Mr. Fantastic from the 5 inch scale Fantastic Four movie line and removed the head and cut the arms below the biceps spliced in the arms from a 5 inch scale Batman Begins figure. Took the head from a New 52 Aquaman because I thought the cheeks and chin kinda made him look like a little kid. Sculpted on the mask, the R insignia and the belt. Made the lower tunic portion from craft pleather. Used craft pleather to make the cape too. Painted it all up. Thanks for looking!
Lara Croft classic custom action figure by Jedd-the-Jedi
Lara Croft classic custom action figure
I was really happy to find an AJ Lee figure loose at an acceptable price; that's something I've wanted to happen for the longest time. First thought that came to mind was "classic-ish Lara Croft". I just needed to cut at the index finger to make her hands gun toting-ready and even the boots would be usable! I took the head from a Playmates movie Lara Croft and just couldn't bear to dremel off the headset so I left it in. Sculpted new bangs for the front of her forehead. Sculpted on the tank top, the shorts cuffs and the socks at the top of her boots. Used the backpack from a Playmates Deep Sea Lara and attached craft pleather straps to it. Created the holsters using blister card folded into a holster shape and more craft pleather, with a rectangle of blister card for the belt buckle. Painted the hands to give the appearance of fingerless gloves and painted everything else up accordingly. Thanks for looking!
Miss Martian custom action figure by Jedd-the-Jedi
Miss Martian custom action figure
I found a Claire Bennet figure (you know, "save the cheerleader, save the world") at a convention around three months ago and immediately wanted to turn her into Miss Martian. Filled in the shirt area and smoothed that out after it cured. Made the cape from craft pleather and sculpted on the new collar I swapped the arms for those from a Hunger Games Katniss figure for the short sleeves and I cut off the shoes, taking the shoes from a Power Rangers Jungle Fury Cheetah Ranger figure. Repainting this one was difficult, especially with the white. There's still lots of paint rub, particularly with the elbows. Used craft pleather for the straps and sculpted the belt buckle. Thanks for looking!
Dynamic Duo - Bruce Wayne and Jason Todd by Jedd-the-Jedi
Dynamic Duo - Bruce Wayne and Jason Todd
In my collection, I don't have a Robin that's specifically meant to be Jason Todd. I use a regular DCSH Robin, which I think was supposed to be Tim Drake, as Jason because of a distinct frowny face. The thing is that as Robin, Jason Todd hasn't really had a distinctive costume in the comics, it's pretty much the same as Dick Grayson's Robin costume. I got a hold of a DCSH Robin variant figure and was hoping to turn him into a Robin that's specifically Jason Todd. I cut some of the hair off the front and resculpted it. When I pulled off the head, I broke the neck peg so I expended some effort trying to fix that. Pulled off the cape and made a new one from craft pleather, painted yellow on one side. Repainted the whole figure. Thanks for looking!
Mera custom action figure by Jedd-the-Jedi
Mera custom action figure
There are many reasons why Aquaman is most emphatically not lame and his wife Mera is chief among them. She's a skilled warrior, a loving wife and mother, offers wise counsel and is very sexy. I cut away the sash and cape from Circe, sanding down the neck and sculpting the scales on her lower torso and the panels on her legs. I cut off the leg fins from a DCUC Aquaman and modified them to fit on Mera's legs. The head came from a Marvel Select Black Widow, with the bangs cut off and resculpted and with the tiara cut from blister card packaging, plus earrings sculpted using ProCreate. The trident is from the DCUC New 52 Aquaman. When I went cycling by the beach, I decided to take Mera and Aquaman along. Thanks for looking!


Jedd Jong
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
Hi everyone, Jedd from Singapore here! I'm a die-hard Batman and Star Wars fan, and am currently working as a contributor/writer to Singapore's F*** Movie Magazine (the three asterisks stand for 'film', 'fame' and 'fact') I really enjoy writing and have been writing movie reviews for fun since I was 12, and am grateful to be doing so semi-professionally now. I'm not a born, gifted artist - I'm terrible at drawing, but I have an interest in it and have tried to do what I can with pencils and pieces of paper, as well as digital tablets and monitors a little while after that. I've been told many times that I'm terrible at it, but it is just for fun. More recently, I've taken an interest in action figure customization, a hobby that was born out of a desire to create. Action figures are not meant to be taken apart or modified and thus it takes more skill and tools to customize an action figure compared to say, creating a custom LEGO creation, but I've been learning the tricks of the trade and am slowly getting the hang of it. I've been on DeviantArt for 6 years now and am grateful to anyone who drops by, and even more grateful to the few who comment/fave my pieces! God bless and have yourself a good one.

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